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Solar Panel 165W
Model AGEVP165
Brand Anya Green Energy
Fill Factor 77.9%
Efficiency 16.70%
Material Silicon
Number of cells 36
Rated Peak Power 165W
Open Circuit Voltage 26.05V
Short Circuit Current 9.12A
Voltage of Maximum Power 19.3V
Current of Maximum Power 8.56A
Maximum system voltage 1000V
(1). Anya Green Energy offers a wide range of Polycrystalline Solar Panels ranging from 55 wt,165wt, and 335wt. These panels comply with IEC standards and are suitable for a wide range of applications. (2): Excellent Performance in Low Light- Anya Green Solar panels are made with high-quality glass and solar cells. Anti-Reflection Coating (ARC) is used on the top of the glass to mitigate the Potential induced degradation (PID), which gives excellent performance even in low-light conditions during bad weather conditions. (3): Advance EVA Encapsulation – world-class EVA film (ethylene vinyl acetate) is used as an encapsulation material for the solar cells of Anya Green Solar panels. Solar cells are laminated in between EVA films. Once the EVA sheets have been laminated, the ethylene-vinyl acetate sheets play an important role in preventing humidity and dirt from penetrating the solar panels. Also, with the help of the EVA, the solar cells ‘are floating’ between the glass and back sheet, helping to soften shocks and vibrations and therefore protecting the solar cells and their circuits from any possible damage. 4- PID (Potential Induced Degradation) Resistant- PID is an unwanted effect of some solar panels which may affect the performance of solar panels. Factors that contribute to the Potential PID include voltage, heat, and humidity. Anya Green Solar panels are IEC 62804 certified and PID resistant as per the global standard. 5- Ammonia Corrosion Testing- Anya Green Solar Panels are Salt mist and ammonia resistant and are certified by IEC 62717. 6- Excellent in sustaining the high wind pressure (2400 pa) and snow load (5400 pa) Respectively. This makes our panels more reliable in adverse conditions and certified by IEC 62716.


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