15hp solar atta chakki in purnia-bihar



In Purnia, Bihar, Jogesh Flourmill is embracing a new era of sustainable milling. With the help of Anya Green Energy, they’ve replaced their old diesel engine with a cutting-edge 15HP solar atta chakki system in Purnia-Bihar. This incredible system uses 45 solar panels, each producing 550W, along with a powerful 25HP drive, changing the way the mill operates for the better.



Transitioning to Solar Power

Before this change, Jogesh Flourmill used a noisy diesel engine for their operations. But now, they’ve switched to a cleaner and more sustainable option – solar power. Anya Green Energy has installed a 15HP solar atta chakki system, harnessing the abundant sunshine available in Purnia, Bihar.

Anya Green Energy’s 15HP solar atta chakki in Purnia-Bihar is a true wonder. With 45 highly-efficient solar panels, each with a capacity of 550W, it captures the sun’s energy effectively. Paired with a robust 25HP drive, it ensures smooth operations even during busy times.

This solar-powered system doesn’t just power one, but two 18-inch flour mills, along with a 6-bolt expeller, all working together seamlessly. This means that the milling process at Jogesh Flourmill is not only efficient but also capable of meeting customer demands without interruption.

By using the 15HP solar atta chakki in Purnia-Bihar, Jogesh Flourmill is doing something extraordinary for the environment. They’ve saved a whopping 1100 trees from being cut down for traditional power sources. This means they’re reducing their impact on the environment and helping to combat climate change.

Economic benefits for Jogesh Flourmill

Apart from helping the environment, the solar system is also saving money for Jogesh Flourmill. They’re spending much less on fuel and maintenance, which adds up to big savings in the long run. This shows that choosing solar power is not only good for the planet, but also a smart financial decision.

This change at Jogesh Flourmill isn’t just good for them, but also for the people in Purnia. It’s inspiring others in the community to think about using renewable energy too. By making this switch, the mill is setting an example for a greener and more sustainable future.

Conclusion: 15hp Solar Atta Chakki in Purnia-Bihar

The 15HP solar atta chakki in Purnia-Bihar, is showing us the way forward. The transformation at Jogesh Flourmill, powered by Anya Green Energy, is changing the game. By using the power of the sun, they’re not only improving how the mill works, but also setting a standard for eco-friendly business. Looking ahead, it’s clear that this solar-powered system is more than just technology – it’s a step towards a cleaner and brighter future for Purnia, Bihar.

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